GUN REVIEW: Barrett M240LW Next Generation

The U.S. military has called upon the M240 cinch sustained medium assault rifle for two decades to give troop help suppressive and direct shoot. These weapons have put a large number of rounds downrange, and littered the sand with hot vacant metal, connections and blood when called upon.

The M204B is solid, however troops in the field cautioned their higher ups that upgrades were required. A solicitation went out to “cut the fat” from a weapon that fuses configuration offers that go once more to the end of WWI. Barrett Guns, tried and true supplier of the M107 .50 self-loader, took the activity and outlined the M240LW (Light Weight) to exploit front line fabricating strategies.

The weight investment for the Barrett M240LW are picked up by shaving 4 pounds from the receiver , yet those aren’t the main upgrades. Watch the video feature above for a sneak look of the new M240LW fight mammoth in real life the same assault rifle that is being conveyed with our troops abroad.

Source: Tactical Life/Wikipedia

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