Bad Bulletproof

‘Oh dear god no.’

That’s my reaction just knowing what’s about to happen as I watch the video for the first time. The epitome of “hold my beer” as I hope I’m not gonna watch someone die on a facebook video today.

Thankfully, my boss would never do that to me. I just watch someone realize how stupid they are in the span of a gunshot, and see them learn that “bulletproof” is not “damage-proof”.

“Oh my god, is the bullet in you?” They ask while sounding completely calm, and I can’t help but wonder just how sober these guys aren’t (and if they’ve done this before).

Pro tip: Test your bulletproof materials out on ham-hocks, not on meatheads.

Another pro tip: ‘Bulletproof’ isn’t actually ‘bulletproof’, it’s ‘bullet-resistent’ and you really don’t want to decide how resistant it is while you’re wearing it.

“The next, uh, footage will be the hospital.”

You don’t say?

Don’t try this at home.

Sources: Weapons World Facebook, Sam Morstan

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