Aguila Ammunition • Booth #3111
Velocity meets accuracy with Aguila Ammunition’s 9mm Luger Jacketed Hollow Point. Born out of years of engineering and countless terminal ballistic tests, this defensive and tactical round consistently performs. As is the case with all Aguila ammunition, this 9mm 117-grain JHP is a high-quality round that cycles flawlessly. Weighing a full 7.58 grams, the new 9mm round has a velocity of 1,150 feet per second, and an MSRP of $18.11 per 50-round box. Since 1961, Aguila Ammunition has been known as one of the largest manufacturers of rimfire cartridges in the world, and is quickly gaining a reputation among tactical, handgun, and shotgun shooters, as well as hunters.


Black Hills Ammunition
For 2018, the folks at Black Hills Ammunition are proud to announce the addition of the wildly popular 6.5 Creedmoor ELD loads to their lineup. The 6.5 Creedmoor is a superb light-recoiling long-range cartridge that exhibits not only impressive accuracy, but excellent on-target ballistic performance. Black Hills will offer these rounds fitted with either 143- or 147-grain Hornady Extreme Low Drag (ELD) bullets. Testing at the Black Hills facility has demonstrated that these bullets loaded in Black Hills Ammunition are consistently capable of producing one-half MOA performance from a factory (nonmodified) Ruger Precision Rifle. Impressive, indeed.


Rim Rock Bullets
Low-recoil ammunition is without question quite popular among shooters today, and this desire for manageable recoil hasn’t been lost on the engineers at Rim Rock Bullets. To this end, Rim Rock is introducing their new .45 ACP 200-grain Round Nose Flat Point (RNFP) bullet. Manufactured from 15 Brinell hardness lead, these exceptional new bullets are the perfect projectile for those seeking reduced recoil without sacrificing accuracy.


Meister Bullets
For over 40 years, Meister has been casting high-quality lead bullets in a variety of handgun and rifle calibers. Lubed for use with smokeless powders, all of Meister’s bullets are now available (special order only) with a baked-on powder coating. This coating allows the bullets to be used in flawless operation in an automatic feeder, as well as eliminates barrel build-up. The only distributor of the X-Ring primer-powered rubber bullet, Meister also offers a unique, easy-to-use barrel slugging kit for shooters unsure of an older rifle’s true bore size.


Nosler • Booth #6927
In January 2018, Nosler announced that their popular Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) bullet line would be expanded to include a .22 85-grain hollow point boattail (HPBT) – welcome news to competitive shooters around the globe. The whole of the RDF bullet line features the highest ballistic coefficients, and smallest, most consistent meplats (bullet tip) of any hollow point match bullet on the market. In a 22 Nosler with a 24-inch barrel, the 85-grain RDF can be loaded to a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps. This velocity, along with the high ballistic coefficient, makes it the fastest and flattest shooting .22 SAAMI-approved cartridge design for the AR-15 platform. Get downrange – far downrange – fast, with Nosler’s new 85-grain RDF .22.


Federal Premium • Booth #7530
Conventional ammunition causes metal-on-metal contact between the bullet and the bore – contact that can shorten barrel life and decrease accuracy. Federal’s polymer-encapsulated Snytech bullet prevents this contact, while eliminating copper and lead fouling issues. Combined with clean-burning powders and Federal’s exclusive Catalyst primer, these new rounds will keep guns cleaner longer, allowing you to shoot more and more accurately. A variety of loads are available, including the new 124-grain 9mm Luger, 165-grain 40 S&W, and 230-grain 45 Auto. Congratulations to Syntech, which was the winner of the 2017 National Rifle Association’s Golden Bullseye Award.


Matt’s Bullets
Recoil can be a terrible thing, and the good people at Matt’s Bullets know and understand this. That’s why they’ve introduced a .38 Special load designed specifically for fans of snub-nosed revolvers. A lightweight 110-grain bullet and a decreased powder charge transform these traditional wrist-busters into a most pleasant shooting experience. There is no substitute for training, and with Matt’s Bullets’ light loads, even the recoil-sensitive can spend all the time necessary on the range honing their skills and becoming more proficient shooters. If you or someone you know dreads shooting that snubby .38, try a box of Matt’s Comfort Plinkers today.


Ammo Incorporated • Booth #10959
For some shooters, it would be quite helpful to see precisely where they’re shooting before the round impacts the target. Well, thanks to Ammo Incorporated’s Streak Visual Ammunition, it’s possible to do just that. Streak rounds are non-incendiary and do not generate any heat, making them safe for use in environments, e.g. dry surroundings, where traditional tracer rounds are prohibited or could constitute a hazard. Streak rounds are recommended for indoor range use and nighttime shooting exercises.


Bite The Bullet
With the most consistent and cost-effective everyday-carry and home defense ammunition on the market today, Bite The Bullet (BTB) uses state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture a better alternative. Now available is BTB’s new 9mm 95-grain Barnes TAC-XP Self Defense HP New Brass. Offering 11 to 16 inches of penetration, an impressive .355- to .775-inch expansion, and a muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps, these new rounds are part of BTB’s wildly popular RX line of self/home defense ammunition. One hundred percent copper, the BTB TAC-XP also comes in an ECO-frangible format designed with a copper polymer projectile. BTB-RX, the world’s first ammohistamine – for when they need permanent relief.


Zero Bullet Company
Fifty-two years. That’s how long the folks at the Zero Bullet Company have been manufacturing jacketed handgun bullets. And their expertise and craftsmanship shows in their impressive competitive championship wins. Team Zero member, Kevin Angstadt, won the prestigious Bianchi Cup in 2014 using the company’s Number 136 9mm 125-grain jacketed hollow point competition bullet. Kim Beckwith has racked up multiple High Senior awards at the cup with Zero’s .38 Super ammunitions. The National Pistol Championship? Zero’s been there and done that. Same with the Pistol 4-Man Team Championships at Ohio’s Camp Perry. An impressive record, for a company with equally as impressive credentials and products.