50-110 Smokeless Powder Lever Action Rifle

Are you into old buffalo cartridge and want to make it better?
Do this, load it up with smokeless powder in a lever action rifle. You will surely have some fire power with a .50-110 caliber rifle. Which means lots of fun shooting and yes you can take down some game as well.
Thats what Youtuber Leverguns50 did in the video that they shared online. Don’t be mislead by the old school image because the rifle power is modern.

We can’t say this enough, loading this cartridge with smokeless powder makes this lever action rifle a hard hitter that can punch holes in steel and obliterate other targets.
The 450 grain .50-110 caliber can create more energy than the 458 Winchester Magnum.
This cartridge is good to have on hunting trips and expect encounters with larger tough dangerous animals like brown/grizzly bear. This cartridge was even mentioned in Craig Boddington’s book The Perfect Shot North America.
“…He went on a voyage to Antarctica, and at one point they put in at one of the earliest explorers’ camps, finding many of the supplies still intact. Among the gear was a huge quantity of century-old ammunition, including a large quantity of .50-110 ammo, a big more, black-powder cartridge chambered to the 1886 Winchester. Why? Because early visitors to Antarctica fully expected to run into polar bear or similar big beasties.”

The modern rifle is stronger than the vintage black powder era rifles. Handling the power from the smokeless powder is no problem. You definitely better brace your shoulder, looks like it has some kick. Have fun and be safe!

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