April 3rd, 2017 by jhines

[su_heading size=”30″]BuzzFeed Felt like they could Out Shoot Keanu Reeves[/su_heading]

BuzzFeed Youtuber stumbles across a video of Taran Tactical training Keanu Reeves on tactical shooting. The course of fire was a typical 3 gun type. So BuzzFeed Blue wanted to see if they can take an ordinary person (gun newbies) and have them train to go through the course of fire, but be faster than Johnny Wick. Johnny Wick completed this course of fire in 19 seconds.

So BuzzFeed Blue crew narrator and Sharie Elle volunteered to take on this challenge. The training was done one day (all day) at Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovation. The same trainer that taught Keanue Reeves how to shoot tactically.

Taran Butler is considered the Michael Jordan of competitive shooting, he at one time had an 11 year winning streak.

BuzzFeed narrator and Sharie Elle will endure the same training that K Reeves went through and its basically “3 Gun” training, which consists of a shotgun, pistol and a rifle.(AR15)

So let’s see how they did.

Well they didn’t beat Keanu Reeves time but it looks like they sure learned a lot about guns.
The participants was intimidated and excited about the whole experience.

Sources: BuzzFeed Blue Youtube, Chris Buckner

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