Pistol Gallery

CDNN Sports – SAR K2-45
This high-capacity, full-sized .45ACP pistol from EAA has a forged steel frame and slide for extra strength. The 4.5-inch stainless match barrel increases accuracy, and the two-stage trigger improves performance. You can easily add accessories to the Picatinny rail. A 14-round magazine is included with the pistol.



Guncrafter Industries – The American in 9mm
Guncrafter announces the popular American Light Rail pistol is now available in 9mm. Choose from either Melonite or Stainless models, both with exceptional Guncrafter quality.



Layke Tactical – Custom-Built Pistol
Layke Tactical’s .308-caliber custom pistol weighs 5.6 pounds, has a 10-inch barrel and is made with custom titanium parts.


Nowlin Arms – Match Master Pistol
The finest 1911 Auto you will ever own, the Match Master pistol will shoot 1.5-inch-or-smaller groups at 50 yards. A certified hand-held target fired at 25 yards is supplied with each order.



Nowlin Arms – New Titan model 1911 Pistol
Get superb accuracy (under an inch at 25 yards) and dependability from the Titan Model 1911. Fitted to perfection, it features a 5-inch slide, holds eight rounds and is chambered in .45ACP. Many upgrades are available.



Polymer80 – 80% Polymer Pistol Frame
The world’s first 80-percent polymer pistol frame, the PF940 by Polymer80 is compatible with Glock Gen3 parts and is a highly customizable platform that requires no FFL to purchase. The PF940 kit includes the 80-percent pistol frame, jig and all of the drill bits and end-mill bits required for completion.


Powder River Precision, Inc. – Springfield Pistol Aftermarket Parts
Powder River Precision is devoted to providing the highest quality aftermarket parts and service for the Springfield XD, XDM and XDS lines of pistols. Trigger kits, extended grip safeties, extended mag releases and more are available.



Reeder Custom Guns – El Diablo 2
The El Diablo 2 can be chambered in .429 GNR, .410 GNR, .454, .455 GNR, .475 or .500 Linebaugh, or .510 GNR. The gun above is in .475 Linebaugh and has a big, beefy 6-inch barrel, the gold bands typical of the El Diablo line, heavy-duty five-shot cylinder and many more customizations.


Turnbull MFG. Co. – Commander Heritage
The Turnbull Commander Heritage is Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Company’s new gun for 2016. This firearm is finished in Turnbull’s signature case color on the frame and has blued slide and parts. It is hand-fitted and 100-percent American made.

November 25th, 2015 by asjstaff