Pistol Gallery

Absolute Zero Ordnance – AZO Polymer Pistol
Based on a Glock 17 frame with custom slides, internals and barrel,
this semiauto can be built in 9mm, 10mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W.
We hand cut and fit the frame, then coat everything in proprietary
Blackstone coating, which is extraordinarily durable and has outstanding



CDNN Sports – HK416 Pistol
The Heckler & Koch HK416 Pistol is configured on the 416 receiver, but with a handgun-length barrel and short quad forend; it does not have a buttstock. The semiautomatic pistol in .22 LR is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from H&K. It is the only genuine H&K tactical rimfire replica available in the world

Fusion Firearms – Fusion Freedom series Pistol
The Fusion Freedom Series is a high-quality 1911, the frame, slide and barrel of which are made from bar stock. It also features real wood grips and is priced at an incredible $795.00 MSRP.


Guncrafter Industries – Model 4
The Guncrafter Industries Model 4 in 50 GI is the perfect platform for hunting, or getting the most out of your handloads.

Jones Arms – AR Platform Pistol
The best most reliable pistol caliber AR platform on the market today! The Kronos 9mm. Call us and GET IT HOW YOU WANT IT!




Layke Tactical – Custom-Built Pistol
Layke Tactical’s .308-caliber custom pistol weighs 5.6 pounds, has a 10-inch barrel and is made with custom titanium parts.


Nowlin Arms – Match Master Pistol
The finest 1911 Auto you will ever own, the Match Master pistol will shoot 1.5-inch-or-smaller groups at 50 yards. A certified hand-held target fired at 25 yards is supplied with each order.



Nowlin Arms – New Titan model 1911 Pistol
Get superb accuracy (under an inch at 25 yards) and dependability from the Titan Model 1911. Fitted to perfection, it features a 5-inch slide, holds eight rounds and is chambered in .45ACP. Many upgrades are available.


Reeder Custom Guns – Grim Reaper
One of our most popular revolvers, our full custom Grim Reaper, built on our own large stretch frame and built in the caliber of your choice.


The new SAR9 semiauto 9mm striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol was NATO-tested against the best from Germany, Austria and the U.S. After 90,000 rounds, there was one clear winner – SAR9.

November 25th, 2015 by asjstaff