AR Parts Gallery

Absolute Zero Ordnance
Patriot model AR-15 lower billet with custom graphics

American Built Arms Company
Urban Sniper stock

AT3 Tactical
AT3 Tactical LEOS™ Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser Sight & Riser



AXC Tactical
Lower receiver parts kit





CDNN Sports
AR-15 carbon fiber stock set

Centermass Tactical LLC
13-inch slim-design seven-sided KeyMod handguard


Centurion Arms
CMR modular locking accessory system (M-Lok) handguard


Dead Foot Arms LLC
Modified cycle system

Delphi Tactical
Delphi-15 forged lower


DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc
16-inch, 7.62×39 match-grade fluted AR-15 barrel

Diamondback Firearms
DB10 Diamondback barrel



Elite Iron
OP-COM .223/5.56mm muzzle brake

Guntec USA
AR-15 Liberty Edition stripped billet upper receiver



Hardened Arms
Citadel (TM)

High Speed Shooting Stabilizer
Fang shooting stabilizer




Huber Concepts
Square Brake

Lantac USA LLC
3PSS curved trigger


Layke Tactical
LT-10 lower receiver


Lucid Optics
MLX 4.5-18×44 riflescope

MBA-3 buttstock

Matrix Arms
5.56mm side-charging upper

MVB Industries
ARC-Xti stock



Pickett’s Mill Armory
PMA 7.5-inch .223 Wylde upper receiver

.308 WarrHogg 80 percent polymer lower receiver


Riton USA
Mod 3 RRD (Rifle Red Dot) optic

Rubber City Armory
Low-mass competition bolt-carrier group



Sanders Armory
Strike Industries AR Enhanced Castle Nut and Extended End Plate




Silencer Shop
Griffin Armament Alpha silencer

Spinta Precision
4.5-inch 9mm barrel


SRT Arms
Titanium cans

3MR trigger

Thordsen Customs
AR-pistol cheek rest

Trigger Tech
Flat trigger


Velocity Triggers
3-pound Curve Trigger


Vision Defense
Upper Receiver

White Oak Armament
Upper receiver fixture

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