ZMB Industries’ New Shoot-N-Ooze Rimfire Varmints

ZMB Industries rimfire varmint targetsZMB Industries’ New Shoot-N-Ooze™ Rimfire Varmints are just what folks have been looking for, hours of good ol’ fashioned inexpensive small-bore family fun & entertainment.  With two models to choose from, Prairie Dogs or a pesky Squirrel, everyone can get in on the fun. The Shoot-N-Ooze™ Rimfire Varmints feature ZMB’s industry-first proprietary 3D Oozing technology and will withstand hundreds of rimfire rounds, but they also work with centerfire cartridges as well (for the big kids).  At ZMB Industries we take our commitment to nature seriously, which is why every new Shoot-N-Ooze™ Rimfire Varmint is filled with 100% biodegradable material inside for a low environmental impact.  The outer plastic shell is made from recycled plastic and is ready to be recycle again once its shot up.  The backing card even makes it easy to simply staple them to a target frame.  Pick up some new ZMB Industries’ Shoot-N-Ooze™ Varmints… whether your sighting in for the next varmint hunt or just looking for some plinking fun, we’re sure a good time will be had by all.  ZMB Industries… Targeting the Future! Visit their website at

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