Why Do You Carry a Gun?

carry_a_gunIn the article “Why Carry a Gun” from AllOutDoor.com the author (Russ Chasstain) talks about reasons of carrying a gun.

Here’s some of the highlights of the why from the “gun owners”:
-We just want to be safe
-Vigilance, not Paranoia
-We Don’t Want to Shoot Anyone
-It’s a Dangerous World
-Armed Citizens Make Unarmed People Safer
-Use Your Rights – or Lose Them
-Carrying a Gun is Inconvenient and Uncomfortable

The other side of the coin, here’s the view from “non gun owners” assumption of why people carry guns:
-Gun People Think They’re Rambo!
-You Have to be Paranoid to Carry a Gun
-It’ll be the Wild West All Over Again! They’re Going to Shoot us All!
-Only the Government Can be Trusted With Guns
-The Police Will Protect me

Personal Choice
Bottom line is that it comes down to a personal choice as to if you want to carry a firearm or not. From the sentiment of the article its about personal protection.

Different Perspective on Gun Carry
Here’s another take on the perspective of carrying a gun. With the experience of carrying a long gun and short (pistol) for over 20 years has been like wearing a belt or a jacket. I enjoyed shooting the $1,000 dollars plus rifles and handguns (HK’s) for training and lugging it through rigorous terrain and urban environment for real world missions. Sometimes carried concealed in social settings or daily tasking like going to the grocery store. Strangely, never felt it was a need to carry or did I think of carrying for protection.

So tell us why do you carry a gun.

Source:Russ Chasstain – AllOutDoor.com

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