What happens when you have a 50 Cal and a Taxi?

[su_heading size=”30″]and Binary Xplosives = Kaboom![/su_heading]

Any day where you get to blow up a car is a GREAT day for us that likes to see things go KaBoom! Of course what is the best way to make things go kaboom? Sure you can do it the traditional ways that a demolition expert would do it, but the easier and funner way is shown below.

taxi kaboom
Just shoot at it with a gun like Demolition Ranch Youtuber here, recently they got some range time down in Las Vegas. Here’s what they did to setup their molotov cocktail.
D Ranch hooked up 50 pounds of Binary explosives placed inside a taxi vehicle.
To detonate it he uses a Barret M107A1 firing a 50 cal bullet at the taxi from a couple a hundred yards away, resulting in a huge kaboom.

Reading about this is one thing, but seeing it on video is another level of wow!, enjoy.

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription[/su_heading]

Host: Hey guys, we’re in Las Vegas. I wanted to make a snow angel, but there’s no snow here!

Thanks for the ride, buddy, I’ll tip you later! What’s up, we’re at Demolition Ranch. We’re not, actually. I wish this was Demolition Ranch, because this place has the biggest backstop of any range I’ve ever seen. We’re in rainy Las Vegas, with–

Roman: “Rainy las vegas” [laughter]

Host: –Roman Atwood, Dale Atwood, and we have Johnathan up there doing the heavy lifting from USA Chemical Supply. We’re going to be putting some Binary X Explosives in an old taxi cab, which this place has like thirty cabs out here, so apparently this is where cabs come to die, and we’re gonna send one on its way today with an explosion.

D’you wanna know how I know that they’ve blown up other cars down here? Because there are car parts just littering this area. Like, I bet I could make a car. Look, we have a power steering pump, we’ve got some– Iunno, some kinda radiator, maybe it’s oil coolers? Just a lot of junk. Here’s another car that has definitely been shot a lot and burned. Here is our cabby, which is still… this car could still be put back together if you wanted to, I think.

Dale: Dude, easy.

Host: Yeah. Dale’s car is actually crappier than this one!

Dale: Yeah, why didn’t we just bring– Drive my car out here!

Host: And you can take this one home! Look at all the bulletholes in it.

Where’r you gonna put this thing?

Johnathan: Uhm…

Host: How much is this? fifty?

J: Fifty pounds.

Host: We’re doing fifty pounds… and you’re just going kinda down there right in the center? or under? [someone further off speaks] haha… there’s no engine. aw yeah, you could stick it right in there. I dunno if I could hit it, though, with the car at this angle.

Let me just tell you where our heads are at. So, the way to make a car really explode is to put the explosives down deep in the middle of it, like, down there. But that makes it harder to hit. We’re at two-hundred yards, but I brought the Barret. You guys haven’t even seen it! If you guys don’t watch OffTheRanch, you guys haven’t even seen the new gun. We have a Barret M107, I’ll show it to you in just a minute. But we have a 50Cal, 50BMG, we could put it up in there like where the transmission is, That wouldn’t be too bad a spot. We’re also thinking about setting it next to the car and trying to rip- flip the car over, or uh, just rip through the middle of it. So many choices, so many choices!

Roman, I have your next viral video idea! Jump on this thing. This is– this is like an old ammo crate or somethin’. Oh it’s so sharp, too.

Are you ready to see the most beautiful gun in the world? This is a brand-new Barret M107 A1. It’s a Semiauto 50BMG. I have it topped off with a Vortex Razor HD Gen2. This is a four and a half to 27, it’s a really really nice scope. Let me turn it on for you, see if I can look down this nice reticle. This is like the hardest thing ever, to see down scope reticles. And it’s zoomed in all the way, which is not helping anything.

Roman also has a Barret in the same color, and he was also supposed to bring his Barret out here so we could shoot two barrets at the explosives, but… but what happened?

Roman: You know what, we got your Barret, man.

Host: You had one.

Roman: We got your Barret– I know! I know! Dude, my flight’s out here– I’m really glad I didn’t bring it now.

Host: Yeah that would’ve been a big pain.

Roman: You know what, last time I had mine out, it was pouring rain. And it was soaked.

Host: Well, mine is getting all nasty and wet right now.

Roman: You’re breaking it in, today.

Host: S’right, I mean that’s what Barrets are for!

Roman: Every Barret needs some weathering.

Host: Barrets ‘r for gettin’ nasty.

Another guy: Don’t fall in love with ’em.

Host: Well it’s too bad, I did!

It’s been like, 10 minutes, I just shot my gun to make sure it’s semi sighted-in, s’raining now, look at the difference! The mountain… it is nasty, and it’s cold, and it’s windy, this is not what I imagined Vegas would be like right now.

You’re mixing it? Yeah, that looks like a much better way to do it. [Johnathan says something, drowned out by a power tool] Yeah, every time I mix binary explosives, including with Johnathan, we just like, dumped ’em and mixed ’em all by hand, and it’s like a huge pain. He’s figured it out, now. Power tools.

So we’re leaving this thing right here, with the gnome on top. You think this is gonna flip the car? Or d’you think it’s gonna put a hole in it?

Man: I think it’s gonna roll it backwards or rip it in half or maybe make it disappear.

Host: Either one I would be very happy with.

“I’m goin’ up in it! Should I take th- yeah I’m gonna take that off.

Host: Yeah you’ve got to. Is that thing waterproof?

“We’ll find out!”

Host: I don’t think it is.

A lot of money has been spent on ammo at this range recently. All this 50BMG, somebody had a belt-fed 50 out here. That’s crazy.

Yep, I’m gettin’ me one of those, that’s amazing!

“You’re becoming quite a master at this thing!”

Host: That is so much quieter! Buzz buzz!

We are about to take the shot, 50BMG, fifty pounds next to a cabbie. everybody ready?

“Range is going hot!”

Host: Firing!



[Sounds of awe] You hear that rumbling?!

“That was insane!”

“That was a one-shot wonder, too!”

Host: Look at that! That’s cool. Look at all that smoke! It’s like Battlefield 1 up here!


Host: This that I’m doing right now, walking out to see the damage, is one of the best parts about Demolition Ranch. When you shoot something, and then you get to go look at it. And especially when you get to shoot an explosive and then you get to go look at it. Best part ever. …Dude is the car gone?!

“Look at that!”

Host: Oh my gAHD. No I think I see it. It’s in a crumpled mess upside-down. Dude, good job! [laughter] That is amazing! Oh it looks like it got hit by a train! Holy sh- Oh my gosh! [laughter] What was crazy about that too was that it was totally open on one side. Meaning that a bunch of the force went the other way, you know? If you had all that force directed, it would’ve just– it would’ve thrown that car over the hill. Ah, my hands are freezing.

I look really good with my wet hair out here. The car was right here, you can actually see where the explosion went off here, it cleared the dirt from the rocks. The car was here, and the box exploded, blew it back, flipped it around, landed it on its roof over here– that’s crazy force.

Roman! Can I just tell you, this was the greatest day of my life, because I brought my barret. You could’ve had the greatest day of your life, too.

Roman: Oh it was great, I had a great day!

Host: The worst part about all this, is we are way out in the middle of the desert, and we have to call an Uber, and we’re all soaked and muddy. I put the wet barret in some Uber driver’s car, poor guy.

That was our taxi to get back home! Dangit.

Thanks for watching Demolition Ranch, go check out Dale Atwood, go check out Roman Atwood, appreciate those guys being here, go check out the OffTheRanch channel because we’ll be vlogging with those guys over there, I love ‘ya, thanks for watching, and I will SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

[Outro Music]

Sources: Demolition Ranch, USA Chemical Supply

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