Top 10 Guns you should never Sell

Some guns are more valuable than others. You should hold onto these 10 guns if you already own them.

  • Colt Single Action Model 1873 – Value at $1500-$30K
  • Walter P-38 – Value at $800-$3K
  • M1 Garant – Value at $1,000-$6K+
  • FM Browning Hi Power – Value at $800-$3K
  • Colt Detective Special – Value at $650-$1800
  • Smith & Wesson Model 29 – Value at $800-$3K
  • Colt & Remington 1911 (Pre-WWII) – Value at $600-$3K
  • Russian SKS – Value at $600-$1200
  • Russian Dragunov – Value at $1500-$10K
  • Sig Sauer P-210 – Value at $2700-$15K

Like in real estate when its a bull market with time, these guns get more valuable everyday. For most gun enthusiasts, it’s a rule of thumb to hold onto guns, but that’s especially true for these firearms.
See why these 10 guns made the list of firearms you should never sell.

If you own any of these guns, hold on tight because they should continue to rise in value. Better yet, if you happen to run across one of these firearms for sale, it might be a good idea to purchase it. Forget stocks and bonds, any of these guns could deliver a strong return on investment given the right purchase price.

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