Top 5 Really Odd Guns

These are the 5 odd ball guns that you didn’t know existed. Here are some random pistols and rifles that made the list but to hear the full historic explanation behind it you’ll have to see the video below.

Steyer Hammer Model 1918 – Stripper Clip fed, no removable magazine, feed rounds integral into the handgrip from the top, caliber is between a 9mm and .38 Super size

Astro Model 400 – fires a 9mm Largo, a blow back gun, no lock breach mechanism

Walter P-38 – not the K version, possibly concealable made for detectives

Open Bolt .22 Semi-Auto Rifle – Mauser style sights German made, cheap stock

Model 755 Sahara Rifle – made by Harrison & Richardson, Single shot, Mauser style sights, after discharge the bolt stays to the rear after ejecting the casing – shoots like a semi-auto but without a magazine

Remington Pre-Model 8 – One of the first commercial model (1907), the barrel rides the recoil spring, smooth cycling

Hear the full description of these odd/weird guns video below.

Sources: Eric, Chad, IraqVeteran8888 Youtube