Titan Ready Water now offering a new oven powered by tea candles, great for preparedness

Kristofer Johnson, founder and president
Kristofer Johnson, founder and president


Portland, OR – It’s being called one of the truly unique inventions of our time. An oven that uses NO electricity or gas yet cooks anything you can cook in a regular oven. Heated only by tea candles the HERC oven is the brain child of Inventor Kris Johnson. 100% environmentally friendly, HERC is the perfect solution for emergency preparedness and provident living.

The HERC oven is engineered to harness the thermal energy of tea light candles. The HERC oven uses two methods of thermal energy transfer. This ingenious device is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. The HERC is powered by 20 tea candles with a fuel cost of only 30 cents per cooking hour. The average burn time is 3.5 hours at 350 degrees. The HERC oven accommodates an 11×15 pan. It’s weather safe and easy to clean. Proudly, the HERC Ovens are 100% MADE IN AMERCIA.

The HERC oven is being hailed as the “ultimate survival luxury baking oven.” Reviewers are raving “When I saw his ovens, I just said, “wow.” This truly remarkable environmentally sound invention is about to change the alternative cooking market FOREVER.

Web site: co.titanreadywater.com/herc–herc-xxl-ovens.html

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