The AK-47 toting, conspiracy-crazed face of Ukrainian leadership, according to Russia Today

alsrmzchby Scott Greer

Meet Aleksandr Muzychko — a Kalashnikov-toting leader of the radical nationalist group Right Sector. His wild antics have garnered the attention of the TV station Russia Today and they have turned him into a national star — on their own channel, at least.

Ever since the former regime of Viktor Yanukovych was toppled, Muzychko has started to receive constant coverage from Russia Today — thanks to his fondness for his AK-47, checkered past and thuggish actions. While it hasn’t been made clear what position of authority Muzychko holds within the new Ukrainian government (and one report states there’s a warrant out for his arrest), this hasn’t stopped RT from portraying him as the face of Ukraine’s new leadership.

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