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Stocky’s Gunstocks ‘Deliver What they are Intended to – Ergonomics and Accuracy.’

Photos by Stocky’s

Custom Remington 700 in Stocky’s EuroMatch Laminated Accublock.
Long Range Composite Accublock Thumbhole stock.
An avid big game hunter and competitive shooter, Don Bitz knows what he wants in a rifle. So in 2007, when he couldn’t find the right aftermarket stock for an upcoming hunt – and the suppliers he contacted quoted months for production – he took matters into his own hands. Bitz launched a retail website, Stockysstocks.com, so that he and likeminded shooters would never run into this problem again. “I realized folks would appreciate the knowledge I had accumulated during a lifetime of DIY bedding, restocking, rebarreling and generally making rifles shoot to their potential,” explains Bitz. “So I picked my favorite manufacturers and started Stocky’s!”
The company quickly gained popularity, selling stocks in a variety of was the Long Range Composite (LRC) Accublock stock. The LRC is constructed from the stiest, most durable 40-percent fiberglass filled composite available and features the aluminum Accublock bedding block molded right into the stock. It is guaranteed to be durable, comfortable to shoot, easy to control and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of barrels.
“Our focus is on oering the best, most accurate stocks in any given category,” says Bitz. “For example, in laminated wood it is the Accublock stocks. Same with injection-molded composite stocks. You’d be hard- pressed to find a more accurate stockmaterials and styles for hunting, tactical and competitive purposes. But Bitz didn’t stop there. “When the bottlenecks hit the gun industry in 2008, we started to design and manufacture our own products,” he explains. Their first product on the market at any price, yet the prices start at under $200.”

Stocky’s offers a wide range of rifle stocks for hunters, target shooters, competitive shooters and more.
The latest addition to the Stocky’s lineup is their carbon fiber stocks. Truly the next generation of carbon fiber layup, they are stronger, lighter and more precisely machined than ever before. “In my opinion, these are literally the finest stocks you can buy anywhere,” says Bitz. “In addition to the ever-popular vertical-grip VG2 and the M50, we are now introducing a new Sporter model weighing just over a pound!”
At Stocky’s, you’ll find unique products that suit your needs perfectly, with unbeatable customer service from experienced shooters. “Our stocks fit properly and deliver what they are intended to deliver – ergonomics and accuracy. They are designed for the task intended because we are dedicated users of this stu, not simply purveyors,” adds Bitz. “It sometimes shocks people that our salespeople are literally the most knowledgeable rifle-women on the planet when it comes to getting you the right stock the first time. When customers chat, email or phone, they are certain to get the right information before and after the sale.”

Editor’s note: For more information, visit stockysstocks.com.