Springfield XDS 9mm: Is it the best CCW pistol?

Our society are full of conceal-carry options.
Right now is probably considered the golden age of personal defense handguns galore for the consumer.
You can get just about any size and caliber all design to go with you anywhere.
Memory Lane
In the 80s, the Walther PPK ruled the roost, unless you were into revolvers. The early 90s saw the introduction of the compact Glock, and just a few years later the gun industry was flooded with .380s designed for pocket carry. Now, polymer-framed, striker-fired compacts are a popular choice, along with compact 1911s and snub-nosed revolvers.

What do you all think, is the Springfield Armory’s slim little pocket rocket the best CCW pistol out there?

Here are some reasons that Springfield may just have produced a winner.

  • The Springfield Armory XD-S is a compact, polymer-framed, striker-fired single stack pistol.
  • Physically, the XD-S sits right in between traditional compact pistols (like a Glock 30) and true subcompacts like the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard or Ruger LCP.
  • Single stack design, the XD-S has a frame that’s less than one inch wide (0.95 inches, to be exact).
  • 6.3 inches long overall (barrel length is 3.3 in) and only 4.4 inches high, the XD-S is certainly small enough to hide in your pocket or slip into a purse.
  • Weighs 21.5 ounces

While the weight might seem a bit stout when compared to the competition, don’t worry the weight helps it feel authoritative in the hand, yet it’s still light enough to be carried comfortably everyday.
Some gun hobbyist think lightweight guns aren’t always a good thing; most shooters will almost always shoot heavier guns due to control.
While its 5+1 (or 7+1 with extended magazines) capacity in .45 (7+1 or 9+1 with the 9mm model) may discourage some.
When compared to revolvers, you may have a little more firepower.

Why Consider The Springfield XD-S 9mm?
The XD-S 3.3″ 9mm belongs to a specific category of carry pistols and is not meant to be compared with other compact double-stack 9mm pistols like the Glock 19 or a Sig P250. Rather, the XD-S is made with a single-stack subcompact pistol when you only want to own one carry gun that can be for any carry context.

Shooting the XD-S
Most shooters who have put over 2000 rounds say that only one malfunction had occurred. Usually, this was due to specific ammunition.
Running it through 135-grain Hornady Critical Duty rounds produced failures to feed. The polymer tip on the round tended to get caught on the bottom of the feed ramp.
Other types of ball or JHP cycles well without a hitch.
The XD-S is very accurate subcompact pistol. Multiple factors like the frame and grip enabling good control of the pistol while it cycles through contributes in making it accurate.
Recoil on the XD-S is minimal while maintaining a sure grip while firing multiple, rapid rounds and not have to adjust the grip is a good thing.
Concealability & Capacity
Since the grip is shortened, this makes the XD-S highly concealable. However, since its a single stack, it only has a capacity of 7+1, which other competitors shines in this category.
Who owns an XDS? Care to tell us about it below?