Native Indian Skipping Arrow

If you were hunting waterfowl with a bow how well would you do? Would you need superior skills like Robin Hood. Ever wonder or did you have to retrieve your arrow after you missed that duck. Chances are you lost that arrow.

In the early days of yesterday, the native American Indian (Klamath, Modoc tribe) hunted waterfowl with a skipping arrow. Just like tossing those thin stones where it skips across the water. These native indians did it with an arrow. If you missed the shot, the arrow can still be retrieved since it floats.
If you still can’t picture this, here’s a video shared by Sami Maaranen.

One of the tactics that was used was to go after a flock of ducks on the water. This would increase the chance of getting one rather than targeting a single bird.

Sometimes lo-tech is the way to go. Our primitive ancestors figured this out before the use of gun powder or shotguns were conceived.
This lo-tech arrow works today as well as it did back in the past.

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