Simunitions and MMA

A shootout game that utilizes real guns with simunitions.
Imagine a new sport where gun fighting slams into mixed martial arts. Fighters and opponents shoot at each other with real guns, and when all the ammo is gone, there can be some mano-mano in your face fighting.

In the early years of simunitions development, the military and law enforcements were the only group to enjoy this form of training, until now. At LV GunFights you can don up with protective gear just like a real SWAT operator and choose your favorite Glocks or Sigs 9mm pistols to shoot it out against your friend. Just like paintball, simunitions comes in red and blue. Getting hit still stings a little more than the traditional paintball. Or, you can go MMA, the fight doesn’t stop until the siren goes off. And, just like in the Roman days of Gladiator, the fans (the mob) are there on the other side of the glass to cheer you on as you fight. Have a look!
Video Transcription
“Gunfiiire! Prepare to defend yourself!” [firing and dubstep]

Imagine targeting a target that shoots back at you. Think it’s virtual reality? Haha, think again! It is Ultra-reality, they are locked and ready! How ready? Watch!

We’re not talking compressed air paintball guns here–

“Everything operates the exact same way as a real gun because it is a real gun.”

“Here I need a glock and a sig please.”

“Alright, I’ve got you charged up and ready to go.”

This is a real nine-milimeter Glock, but it has been modified for safety.

“The guns are unable to fire, this is actually a key component, even if you wanted to load a live round, it’s not gonna fire that live round.”

And the ammo is almost the real deal, too. Blue and red-tipped bullets as each fighter leaves their own mark all over their opponents protective gear.


And oh you bet you still feel it, it stings!


Check it, it can leave behind one of these bright red welts.

“You’re gonna keep that one for a while, aren’t ‘ya?”

“Oh yeah.”

All from nonlethal training ammunition as it’s called. Up until now, restricted, only to be used by the military and law enforcement, but now you can fire it too!

“Drop the magazine, clear the gun, put the magazine back in, charge the round, and you’re ready to go.”

“Even though these are real weapons and nonlethal ammunition, we still treat ’em as ammunition and real weapons.”

“Gentlemen let’s walk out this way. Fighters comin’ through! Please make room!”

“If you run out of ammo, that is not an excuse to throw up your hands! You evade and survive! That’s the real world sh*t!”

And, you will never guess where in the world these fights are going down. The Las Vegas strip, the gaming capitol of the world and just blocks away from the bright lights of the strip, on the other side of the fifteen freeway, dimmer lights as another kind of game is on.

“Blue Team, are you ready! Red Team Are you Ready! Prepare to defend yourself!”

“We’re gonna see some people doing gunfights that’re force-on-force, we’re gonna see some people that’re gonna go hands, you never know when a fight’s gonna break out.”

Fights break out here all the time, and the crowd goes crazy!

It’s all part of a brand-new sport, where gunfighting slams into MMA, mixing shootouts with guns, and when all of the ammo is gone, the shootout could even lead to down and dirty MMA fighting.

“If you’re a gun guy and you don’t have any hands skills or vice-versa, you’re really not complete as a fighter.”

The challenge: To be the complete fighter. And now you are in the arena, loading the chamber. Are you ready?

“Here we go.”

Running for cover behind those black barrels, firing at the opponent, Duck! Duck! Incoming! Taking cover as the rounds zip by, reloading, targeting, waiting, squeezing off one more round, then three minutes later: the siren. It’s all over.


[loud sigh]

“You guys holster your weapons.”

“Whooh, hard, man.”

“Oh man, that was crazy!”

“Hard, but fun.”

“Uh, very realistic. Obviously it’s not live rounds, but it’s– it gets your heart rate goin’.”

They count up the red marks. Direct hits from the simunition. The one who takes the most hits loses.

“Blue has nine, and red has six! Winner is RED!” [Crowd erupts into cheers]

It’s a battle that even brings flashbacks for this combat-tested veteran.

“Twenty-five years Army, four and a half years in the middle East, it definitely gets your heart rate goin’.”

And even more incredible, the main event in this fight card, a female police officer goin’ at it with a Tactical Ops expert. It turns out to be an all-out hand-to-hand fight. Look at this, huh? She charges him, he slams her down, nobody giving up in this one.

“I respect her a ton, but at the end of the day, there’s no gender. You’re gonna come at me, I’m gonna come at you, and one of us is going home.”

And in the end, true warriors hug it out.

For now, from Las Vegas, Ed Laskos, Fox 11 News.

Sources: Fox11 LA Facebook, LV Gunfights

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