Clinch Pick Knife

Most of the small fixed blades (SFBs) on the market today are multi-purpose tools that can be used for cutting wires to self protection. There aren’t too many that are design for self defense and if they are these knives are over 5 inches long with flashy designs – that says “Don’t Mess with Me”.

Surprise Comes in Small Package

If you’re familiar with reality-based self defense for the modern world. Then, you would know that not seeing the blade is more dangerous than someone flashing a bolo knife at you. ShivWorks has a product called “Clinch Pick” specifically design for using the knife for self protection. The device is extremely practical and lethal which comes in a small and concealable sheath. This blade with its easy access design may be the best backup to your pistol if its not accessible while in a scuffle. Below Craig Douglas of ShivWorks displays the finer points of his pick knife design and application. You can skip to 8:00 to get to the point.

Clinch Pick was custom built with a reverse edge that will rip and tear when it comes into contact with. This knife was made to be worn forward of the hip line with the grip pointing 45 degree downward angle. Here are some specs:

  • Overall Length: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.20 ounces w/o sheath
  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Material: Sandvik 12C27 heat treated to HRC 59
  • Edge: Plain/Dull with holes (Trainer)
  • Material: Black G-10/Red G-10 (Trainer)
  • Sheath: Kydex w/included Tek-Lok
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Position Placement
You can wear this blade just about anywhere on the waist. But, the best placement is worn forward of the hips and drawn with the user’s dominant hand in a forward grip, locked wrist configuration. In this setup, the user can grab the Clinch Pick with limited hand mobility while engaged with an attacker and get the knife out quickly. Blade
The blade on the Clinch Pick is distinct due to its self-defense nature. Holding it in the Forward Grip format, the predominately flat edge of the knife will be facing the user. The dull edge of the blade, opposite the cutting edge, widens near the hilt and narrows towards the point. There is also a comfortably designed “choil” that wraps nicely around the index finger. Smoothing it all out is the subdued ShivWorks logo on the left side of the blade.

The method of using this knife is on locking your wrist while holding it which is the opposite way of being taught in other knife systems that stress in wrist mobility. Having this reverse edge tool is an advantage for close quarter when used to rip and tear more efficiently. The idea is similar to having a pistol and putting many holes into your attacker, with the Clinch Pick you’re doing the same thing.

Down Side
There isn’t much of any down side to this wonderful self defense blade. Unless, you have large hands, you may need to go with a longer blade.

The video below shows some drills that ShivWorks teaches and you can get an idea of how this Clinch Pick is used. The majority of the video is highlighting the importances of controlling the attacker and deploying your own knife. Many people that are untrained will view this as just wrestling, however this is what it comes down to in a real altercation.

ShivWorks Clinch Pick designs and purpose is for personal protection when you cannot access your handgun or is not available. For more information please go to, information can also be found at
Photos from Warrior Poet Supply Co & Shivworks.

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