Pretty Outside, Powerful Inside!

Its in the bag boutiqueFew things can give a woman more confidence than knowing she looks good. One of those things is a weapon. Here at It’s in the Bag Boutique, a up-in-coming ecommerce concealed carry purse store, we bring together two of the most empowering weapons in the world: fashion and firearms.

With a concealed carry purse from It’s in the Bag Boutique, women can feel safe yet attractive carrying a fashionable handbag with a handgun tucked safely away in a designated compartment, fully accessible if needed. It’s in the Bag Boutique features seven designer lines of concealed gun purses for women. Each line has its own unique fashion sense with a variety of styles, designs, and colors. But, the purse’s most important feature, much like a woman, is on the inside.

The Coronado Leather line concealed carry handbags are sleek, stylish and are made in the USA. With their elegance and vibrant styles, these lifetime guaranteed purses promote a strong passion for quality leather, design, and the art of real craftsmanship.

Gun Tote’n Mamas is the most dedicated concealed carry line on the market. Each purse is tested and re-tested for durability and concealability by some of the top trainers in the country. From classy to sporty, the perfect conceal and carry purse to match your taste and budget can be found within Gun Tote’n Mamas wide range of styles.

Its in the bag boutique logoMontana West purses are flashy, fashionable, and sure to stand out from the crowd. The Montana West line features a western style purse crafted and adorned with rhinestones, and silver embellishments. The exquisite Ropin West purses are crafted from genuine full grain cowhide leather and feature hand tooled detail. With Ropin West concealment purses, ladies can keep their handgun by their side without sacrificing fashion.

The American West concealed carry collection has some of the most sought after textures, color schemes and fashion trends. Each American West concealment design is classic at heart, with a fresh take on the tradition of hand-tooling and western style. Each concealed carry purse is made by hand, one at a time and holds a lifetime guarantee.

Make a statement with these soft, top-grain leather, sleek and stylish concealed carry purses constructed by Triple K Manufacturing! Triple K specializes in quality leather purses with one notable exception beyond style and good looks, the hidden concealed pocket has a velcro closed seam which allows your handgun to be instantly accessible yet undetectable.

Lastly, the Roma Leather line features quality leather concealment purses in the latest styles with very competitive prices. Their premium leathers are meticulously selected for colorful patina & natural markings. Roma is recognized as a leading designer & manufacturer of fine concealment leather products

So as you can see, It’s in the Bag Boutique offers a wide range of carry concealed purses from flashy to subtle, from big to small. Designer concealed carry handbags for women – pretty outside, powerful inside.


*As a retired school teacher, and now as the owner of It’s in the Bag Boutique, the need for promoting personal and child protection is extremely important to me . I believe it is important that all individuals have the choice to carry a weapon. It is my hope that teachers someday have will have that option in our schools as well. With gun ownership, come great responsibilities. All gun owners need to be knowledgeable on how to use and care for a weapon. They should always store their weapon in a secure yet accessible location. It’s in the Bag Boutique can help you by providing a safe and secure place to store your weapon, without sacrificing fashion.

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