Bullets Into Jewelry: Everything beautiful for women from earrings to concealed carry purses to t-shirts

bullets into jewelry3

bullets into jewelry1Heidi Lusk was working at a rode in Eugene, Ore., when she asked herself how she could become a vendor. Remembering a pair of bullet earrings a friend showed her, and seeing several girls wearing large Western-style jewelry, it inspired Heidi to ask her boyfriend to cut the head stamps off some brass castings so she could make earrings.

It’s been one year in July since they came up with the idea, and now Bullets Into Jewelry is in Oregon as well as in several other states. Heidi has also taken women’s gun fashion one step further and opened her own boutique inside a local gun store called GunRunner Arms. They not only sell beautiful handmade jewelry, but also concealed carry purses and holsters, and teach conceal bullets into jewelry2firearms classes. Check them out on Facebook and at bulletsintojewelry.com.

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