Orlob Occluder Sights


The problem of shooting with both eyes open has been solved. With the new Orlob Occluder (Invented by Doug Orlob) double vision is eliminated, there is no longer a delay as your brain tries to solve the problem of two images, leading to faster target acquisition.

In this example, the right eye being dominant shows what the left eye sees in the left image. The image on the right shows the dominant eye seeing the sight alignment. With both eyes open and occluder in place if you see the sights align, you shoot, if you don’t see the sights just adjust. This devices helps you quickly pickup your sights.

Here are some comments from a Soldier of Fortune magazine review and several owners of the sight.

SoF April 2013
The premise behind the design is simple, but brilliant. When you shoot with both eyes open, both eyes see your weapon and the front sight, creating a double vision effect. If you focus on the front sight, you see two rear sights on a handgun.

If you focus on the rear sight, you see two front sights on your handgun. If you focus on the target, you get two complete views of your weapon. Shooting from an isosceles stance using a 360 clutch grip places your gun right out in front and both of your eyes can view the weapon, target and sights.

This can lead to momentary confusion while you adjust the weapon so your dominant eye is looking down the sights. Doug’s design, which I consider to be the most innovative thing I have seen in iron sights, eliminates the view of the weapon for your non-aiming eye.

It doesn’t matter if you use your right eye or left, or if you are a right-handed shooter or left-handed shooter. The sight works the same either way..….Draw—aim—three dots—bang. With fewer things to process, your eyes and your brain are faster in sight acquisition. I found myself trying to make the sight not work, but couldn’t. If you have a proper sight picture, there is nothing else to confuse you. …Soldier of Fortune, Ross Elder April 2013

(Online forums)
MarkerBeacon – ….BTW, I went out this AM to reaffirm how great your sights are. I wasn’t disappointed.
Glock40_509 – I have a set of these on my Glock .40 and they are amazing!!! Accuracy improved significantly with both eyes open….the videos and pictures don’t do them justice….I also have a buddy of mine that shoots competitively who purchased a set after seeing mine and has improved his accuracy as well…they also didn’t make my pistol look or feel bulky like I thought it would…

(Customer emails)
Kevin S. – Loving it! Wish I had my target handy, but I did a 3” group at 25yds Sunday, best part is with both eyes open I can see exactly where I hit WHEN it hits!…..
Tony D. (Australia) – The first time I tried it on my Glock 17, rapid fire, I shot a faster, tighter group. Will never take it off…..

To get more information on this ground breaking device click here – Orlob Occluder

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