Obsolete Cartridges

Over the years many firearm calibers come and go.
Here are some that didn’t catch on but worthy a caliber they were.

  • .22 Hornet Cartridge

    This caliber really excels as a varmint reaper rifle.
    This usually comes in rifle configuration – small, lightweight, low recoil, low noise and very accurate.
    The .22 Hornet was used for added range when the .22 Magnum fell short.
    This is still being made but very rare to find.
  • .32 Extra Long Rimfire Cartridge

    If you want a little more punch than a .22 then the Rimfire cartridges was the one to go to back then.
    A variety of guns such as Tip-up pistols, pocket rifles and other firearms used the .32 Rimfire caliber for hard-hitting action on close-range targets. Very hard to find and pricey.
  • The .405 Winchester

    Here’s a big caliber for the larger dangerous game, the .405 Winchester can put it down.
    Many reloaders are the ones that have this in supplies.
  • Winchester .25-20 Cartridge

    This .25-20 Winchester is on the light side for deer hunting.
    It does pack a little knockdown punch than the rimfire calibers.
    Which made this a favorite for trappers, hunters and ranchers.
  • .22 Winchester Rimfire

    This cartridge fell between the standard .22 Long Rifle cartridge and the hotter .22 Winchester Magnum cartridge.
    It’s pefect for a small-game, but it has plenty of knockdown power and only causes minimal meat damage.
  • Cartridges are made from time to time for this lost little rimfire caliber that’s otherwise completely obsolete.