Enterprise Services
Let’s talk slip-resistant pads for a moment, shall we? Sometimes, a small accessory – just a little tweak – can make a major improvement to an existing product. Anneal-Rite cartridge case annealing units from Enterprise Services are that product, and these handy sponge rubber pads make the process of annealing all the more easy, not to mention trouble-free. Simply clean the bottom of the Anneal-Rite unit and bottle holder, apply the pads, and press firm. No more bottles slipping across the table while you’re trying to concentrate on the job at hand.


Starline Brass • Booth #7457
Starline Brass continues to expand their ever-growing line of high-quality rifle brass, with the addition of the incredibly popular 6.5 Grendel. The 6.5 Grendel was designed for use in the AR-15 platform to offer ballistics similar to the venerable .308 Winchester, but with substantially less felt recoil. The 6.5 Grendel’s short case length allows the use of longer, heavier match bullets, making it an excellent long-range shooting option. With proper bullet selection, the Grendel is an excellent choice for deer-sized game, coyotes, and other varmints. Staying true to their reputation, Starline’s new 6.5 Grendel brass is made in America. Get match-grade quality, without the match-grade cost.


Dillon Precision • Booth #10364
Bringing perfection one step closer to reality. From Dillon Precision comes the SL 900 Shotshell Loader, a time-proven unit with a practically endless list of features, including an adjustable case-activated shot-dispensing system; automatic indexing; automatic powder and priming systems; tilt-out wad guide; aluminum roller handle; and it comes with its dies preadjusted to load the popular AA hulls. With its heavy-duty O-frame design and interchangeable toolhead, the SL900 is a serious machine for the serious shotgunner.


21st Century Shooting Inc.
The days of neck turning with a cordless screwdriver are over! Introducing the new 21st Century Shooting Power Neck Turning Lathe! An integral power head glides on stainless steel rails, with power adjustable from 200 to 600 rpm in 50 rpm increments, via a digital speed controller. Given properly expanded brass, ample lube, and the proper titanium nitride arbors, case necks can be turned at 600 rpm without any heat generation! Speed up your case prep process, and have more time for the range. The new 21st Century Shooting Power Neck Turning Lathe is taking reloading into the 21st century!


UniqueTek, Inc.
Any serious reloader has run into this situation: a stuck case. It slows production, and in a worst-case scenario, can damage equipment. The Stuck Case Remover Kit from UniqueTek lets reloaders quickly remove stuck cases from sizing dies without compromising the die body or expander/decap assembly. The kit uses the power of the press itself to extract the case. Simply install the kit on any single-stage press ram, and even the toughest situation is remedied with just a downward stroke of the handle.