Miniature Guns that Actually Shoot

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There are some great companies that make guns, but this particular one hailing out of Russia, makes miniature guns that actually shoots.
Arsenal Firearms Group creates some really cool scale model miniatures of classic firearms. Everything from a FG43, Suppressed AKM, 1911, Thompson and everything in between. Whats more impressive is that Arsenal Firearms also makes ammo for it as well.
When Larry Vicker visited Russia, he had a chance to check out these awesome miniature guns and test fire these things.

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V: I was very impressed with the Arsenal Miniatures before we fired ’em. Really cool guns. One thing I noticed from the catalogue to the current models, they’ve actually refined ’em even more, better attention to detail, better markings, they were really really neat. Now i can see why they’re so popular, I can also see why they’re very expensive, because the fact of the matter is, it’s extremely difficult to make something like this, this is not an easy proposition at all. The suppressed versions are extremely interesting to me to see if actually the suppressor works. On top of that, I’m a big AK guy, and so I’m really looking forward to firing the AK, and particularly on full-auto; And of course, well known to be a 1911 guy, with my gunsmithing and whatnot, TacTV fans know this, so it’ll be interesting to shoot the 1911 and see if it actually works.


Alright, Dmitri and I both agree that since it’s fitting that we have Americans here in Russia, that it would be classic for us to use a 1911 as the first miniature we fire, and here it is. Half scale.

Dmitri: Let’s… let’s get to this.

V: 45ACP, Half-scale. Here we go. And a half-scale target! Ok, here we go.

[POP!] [Laughter]

Dmitri: This is crazy.

V: Yeah, this is pretty cool.

V [narration]: To be honest with you, I was stunned when the 1911 worked. And it never missed a beat!

V: I’m ready for a reload, Dmitri.

[Dmitri laughs]

Dmitri: Look at the– Look at the group!

V: I would’ve bet money against that, that the 1911 would work that well. Was very impressive. That was very very cool!

V: Next up, Desert Eagle, 44 Magnum. Half-size.

[Popping shots, interspersed with Dmitri laughing]

V: Reload time. Ok, next one up is Dmitri’s original, the Thompson. Alright, here we go.


[Shooting montage]

V: Another thing that impressed me was the fact the full-auto guns worked. And the suppressors worked as advertised. Make no mistake, it is extremely cool when you’re holding a half-scale AK, with a suppressor, on full-auto, and the thing goes bang. That is cool, I gotta admit. One of the most impressive things I’ve ever fired. If I had to pick one favorite of them all, I’m sure you guys probably think it’d be the 1911, it would have to be the AKM. The AKM with the suppressor, under-barrel grenade launcher, the fact it fires select fire, it honestly, it don’t get much cooler ‘n that. In the world of miniatures, that to me is the king.

[Vickers Tactical Outro]

Sources: Dimitri Shrazenski, Arsenal Firearms Group, Vickers Tactical

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