Inglis Hi-Power Pistol

[su_heading size=”30″]A Classic pistol[/su_heading]

Many gun enthusiasts are familiar with the Browning Hi-Power, but some haven’t heard too much of the Inglis Hi-Power made by the John Inglis company in Toronto, Canada. Unlike its cousin the Browning, the Inglis magazine capacity is 14 versus 13. The overall weapon performs similar to the Browning Hi-power, have a look below.

Some minor things that are different than other Hi-Power pistols:

  • Magazine release is actually a magazine safety – have to pull the magazine out manually.
  • Magazine capacity is 14
  • Lanyard loop – WWII era
  • Unusual large ring hammer
  • Front sight is diamond shaped
  • Elevation and Windage is done on Front sight
  • Internal extractor

Source: Wikipedia, Vickers Tactical

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