Bob Munden Fastest Quick Draw

When we hear fastest gun draw in the sports and trick shooting world we all think of Bob Munden.
If you seen him shoot from the hip with his .45 revolver, its just simply beyond comprehension of how fast he shoots. Matter of fact a while back when the History channel did a special on him. They clocked him on the draw at 1/10 of a second.
For the math whiz you understand that’s fast, but for the layman. It means within a blink of an eye and the shot is over.
That’s what I mean by beyond comprehension of “how fast he shoots”.
Bob brings it up to the next level of speed and amazement by shooting 2 targets.
You gotta cock each shot manually and shoot accurately.
What will blow your mind is that within a blink of an eye and ear. It looks and sounds like he only took one shot. Take a look.

As I said at the beginning when you read about how fast Bob Munden was on the draw. Its yeh ok, but when you see you see the footage, looks like its fake but man he’s just super fast.