Is it the Weight or the Velocity that makes it Quieter?

James Yeager of Tactical Response demonstrates how different projectile weights affect overall sound suppression, and he uses a YHM Phantom. Maybe suppressor owners already know this or not, its worth looking at how the higher grains affect the sound. The higher the grain the quieter it got, simply due to the velocity not the weight. Very interesting video!
Video Transcription
1: It’s the 85 grain, am I on the camera here?

2: Yep!


2: Righteous!

1: Ok

2: 125-grain

1: One-twenty-five!


2: Just like that.

1: Very controllable.

2: 200

1: Should start gettin’ quiet now.


2: Damn.


1: We’re shooting at a cardboard target, it’s about 25 yards, I don’t know if you could hear it or not, but you should be able to hear it thwack that cardboard.

[More shots, thwacks included]

1: The re-set on this trigger, it’s a CMC trigger, right?

2: Yep!

1: It’s really crisp, and really light.


1: Ok.

2: So nice.

1: And this should be the quietest. C’mon you beyootch.

[Shots, thwacks]

1: Super quiet.

2: That’s awesome!

1: Super, super, super quiet.

Sources: James Yeager, YHM Phantom

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