Is it the Tracer or the Incendiary that I’m Liking?

Instead of napalms in the early morning, guess we can settle for some gun works with tracers and incendiary rounds.
Watching this person shooting gazillion of these special rounds seem to be mesmerizing. Don’t know which is better to watch, the tracer hitting its target or the incendiary exploding on target.

Hats off to FPS Russia for going demoing the spectacular show.
Not really sure what this demonstration of firearms prove, but it was fun watching the kaboom and Star Wars like tracers.
Video Transcription
FPSRussia: Ok so now we’ve got some incendiary rounds, we’re going to shoot our steel target; probably going to fall over at some point, but that’s ok.

[Rapid fire and loud echoes]

Now it’s go-time.

[More, plus slow-mo]

Don’t know if you noticed that, but one of the incendiary rounds exploded about two feet from me. That’s how you know it’s a good video.

I hope you enjoyed the video my friends, and it- [cut off]

Sources: FPS Russia Facebook, Guns Daily

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