Insane ways to Transport a Harvested Deer

Have you seen the most insane ways to transport a harvested deer?
Yeh, sure if you have a big truck, its easy to just load your deer in the back. For some that don’t have that luxury, but have a passion for hunting.
Yeh, lets put it on the Toyota Prius or the Ford Focus. Without further adieu here’s some insane ways to transport your harvested deer:
Trunk is too small

Deer hunting at its best when you use your car, looks like this fellow use their backend to grab their catch.

Back Tray
Be sure to tie your catch down, other jealous hunters may swipe it.

Hang it
I guess if theres no room make some space, hang that deer.

Ikea Transport
Yes, if you’re into Ikea and you got a small car, why not do what you normally would with your furniture when you need to transport.

If you’re a little ambitious and harvested a few, why not this works, just be sure to keep their feet and heads off the pavement.

Mafia Hit
When you make your hit, be sure to use a sedan not a sport coupe. A sedan has more spacious room.

Jeep Method
If you have a contraption to hook the deer up, by all means go for it.

Mini-Coop Transport
Mini-Coop must be wide, you can put 4 men and 4 deer in it.

Even on a Motor Bike
If theres a will theres a way to transport your deer.

What other crazy ways have you seen people transporting their harvested deer?