What’s your Caliber for Concealed Carry?

Caliber debate has been going on for every kind of guns even for the concealed carrier. Many gun smarts utilize ballistics reports and mini-science. When it comes to handguns, everyone are looking at what law enforcement are using and they go with that. But is that the right way to figure this debate?

As a consumer/concealed carrier, the question is still will a .45cal better at stopping an attacker than a 9mm? What about a .40cal or .22mag? Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer.
Decisions, Decisions
For consumers knowing what the different calibers can do can help you decide which to use. Many new shooters choose the 9mm as a reliable load and managing recoil much easier than the heavier loads. Other things to consider is the physical makeup of the concealed carrier. Is the person physically strong or an 80 year old female? So using a .45cal would be a poor choice, 9mm would be perfect.
So basically, choose a caliber that you can physically handle with a preferred high capacity magazine.
Now comes the moment that every gun instructor will tell you. You got your handgun and ballistics chosen, the ball is now on your court what to do with the tools. It doesn’t magically make you the badass glock-futitioner.

Putting in the Flight Time
That right its time to hit the firing line. If you can tightly group your shots on an attacker, it can stop them. Thats right even if you’re just toting the .22mag, you can do some damage to protect yourself.
The commonality here is what you can do with the gun, not about making a bigger bang than the other person out at the range.
Still don’t buy this argument? What do you carry and how often do you practice? Be safe!