How would you React after a Bullet Narrowly Missing your Head?

This is what happened to this Kurdish female sniper.

This insane video footage shows how truly badass one Kurdish lady sniper is.
Would you find it funny if a bullet came within inches of ending your life? This female Kurdish sniper, a member of the Women’s Protection Units, laughs in the face of danger–and the astonishing act was all caught on tape. (And if that’s not crazy enough, she’s wearing pink socks and sandals to boot).

The incredible footage comes from Raqqa, in the north of Syria, and shows the awesome response a sharpshooter has to an incoming bullet fired by an ISIS militant. The Women’s Protection Units was formed to defend Kurdish people from IS and other terrorist threats.

Watch in amazement at this ridiculously close call:

Pretty insane, how do you think you’d respond if put in the same situation?

Hats off to all soldiers around the world, fighting in unison to defeat the evils of ISIS. Especially this one badass sniper.

Sources: Stuff Youtube, Justin Hoffman

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