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If you’re a gun owner and into personal defense weapon, you also probably notice the popularity of the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) with these few years.
Personal Defense Weapon are one of the most sought after in the market among the avid gun hobbyist as a home defense, car gun or even have it in your bugout bag. Enter the Extar EP9 from Extar Firearms USA that chambers in the popular 9mm.

Extar EP9
The EP9 brings the simplicity and reliability of a blowback system into a small and lightweight design with an uncharacteristically soft shooting experience, due to our Recoil Damping System. Now combine that with essential features like last round bolt hold open, familiar controls, a comfortable arm brace, and Glock magazine compatibility.
Here are some quick specs:
Glock type Magazine compatible
9x19mm Caliber
6.5″ Barrel Length
Integral QD Point at the aft end of Lower Receiver
1/2-28 Muzzle Thread
Overall length with Brace 24.5″
Weight without Brace 3.65lbs
Weight with Brace 4.10lbs

One of the cool thing about the EP9 is that their ergonomics were design to be similar to the AR rifle platform. Such as the magazine release, safety lever and bolt release.

Another thing to note is the trigger parts are in plastic with steel insert where the hammer strikes the firing pin.
If you need to accessorize the EP9 with laser, lights or bayonet (just kidding) for close encounter. No problem thats where the picatinny rail comes in.
Glock magazines compatible – thats right you can use Glock mags here. There are obviously, aftermarkets mags from Magpul (PMags) which works well. The EP9 can use up to a 33 round Glock magazine of any model except for G26 and G43.

Out on the Range
Gathering the sentiments from shooters that has run the EP9. The consensus is that hands down everyone enjoyed shooting the EP9. Despite the blowback system, the buffer spring absorbs the bolt which makes up for the less recoil. So obviously, accuracy is not an issue. Running the EP9 at 5 to 25 yards is no problem staying on target. Even if you’re shooting at a stress course of fire for personal defense.

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So that was all the good things on the Extar EP9. Now the other side of good. One of the downside is that not all Glock mags perform fluidly as you’d like it to. For instance during the release the magazine doesn’t fully fall out of the mag well when you press the release button. You would need to manually pull the mag out. This fine for a tactical reload.
Hot handguards – this is another downside to the EP9. Because the EP9 is such a fun gun to shoot, you will probably be pouncing a serious amount of lead down range. The barrel will get hot, which means the handguard as well. Which is no fun while trying to continue shooting. The solution is to attach an angled foregrip. Thank goodness for the Picatinny rails.

Last PDW Thoughts
If you’re a prepper and a 9mm Glock carrier. But, you also want another firearm for home defense but don’t want to tote a full size AR or shotgun. Then look for a PDW system like the Extar EP9, the quality and reliability is what you need in your bugout bag or vehicle.

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$419 Buy it Here