super quick clean guns-fixedWe call them, Guns, Firearms, Rifles, Air Guns, Paint Ball Guns, BB Guns, Military Weapons, anything that propels a projectile, is nothing more than a man made machine designed to perform a specific function. As such that mechanical machine needs to have maintenance preformed on it to keep it in top working condition. To accomplish this we conduct a Gun Cleaning, and over the years that task has taken on countless different solutions made by a multitude of companies.

super quick clean guns2A firearm must be clean, Lubricated, and rust free to function at its best. To accomplish that we have a chemistry set of solutions to remove the copper, lead, plastic, and any other fouling in the barrel. We also need to remove the carbon that builds up in and around the Action, Bolt, and Cylinder. Over the years we have seen solutions that have acids, which are designed to eat the copper, and lead, and are very dangerous to humans, and many parts of your gun.

Since firearms are made of metal, wood, and plastic we need to lubricate them to eliminate the friction, and to accomplish this we use a myriad of oils. Oils are designed to sit on the metal and provide some friction elimination. All oils will gather dirt, run, thin out and burn off. Thus we need to keep adding more oil to keep the friction to a minimum, and that just keeps building up the dirt, but we have a solution!

If you store your guns it would be best to add additional rust proofing to keep the metal coated and free from rust. Rust comes from a variety of situation where the metal is not protected, and the biggest cause is condensation due to moisture and Sea Salt in the air and the temperature changes that take place where your guns are stored. Rust also happens when your firearms come into contact with your skin and your body salts. Just touching your guns can make them rust.

super quick clean guns-logoTo accomplish the above task in the new Millennium, there is a Hi-Tech gun care solution that addresses all of the items listed above and the solution is safe and gentle on Humans, and your firearms, it is called SQCG (SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS) SQCG will clean out the Copper, Lead, Plastic, Carbon, and any other fouling from your Barrel, Action, or any other part of your weapon. It will Clean everything without any annoying smell, or harsh chemicals. Just spray it on your firearm, your firearm parts, and anything else that you want to clean, lube, and protect. SQCG is so strong it will remove the carbon on your AR-15 and yet not soak into your skin, or dissolve Styrofoam. Spray SQCG four times on your patch or boresnake, and run them down your barrel to remove the fouling inside. You can even use it on all of your air rifles, or paint ball guns because it will not eat your seals, nor will it combust in your air chambers. SQCG is recommend to be used on every part of your guns, your grips, your lasers, your, Hi-intensity lights, your scopes, your night sights, and your magazines. If you have an Ultra-
sonic cleaning machine you can use SQCG in place of your cleaning fluid and save yourself countless hours and money because there is no need to rinse, and lube…all that is done just dry off your parts and reassemble.

Lubrication, has also taken a new step into the future with the use of Micro-Lubricants which bond to the metal and stay put to lubricate down to very cold temperatures, and not burn off at very high temperatures like oil. A micro-Lube is designed to be diamond hard to protect the metal not just from FRICTION, but also from rust. Thus we now have a complete package that cleans, lubricates, and protects. SQCG does this so well that you can store your firearms anywhere and they will not rust. They are also lubricated, but DRY… no sticky to pick up dirt or dust or fouling to slow down your firearm and keep it from functioning.

With SQCG all you need to do is spray it on and wipe it off, and where you can’t wipe it off it will dry, protect, and lubricate better than anything on the market today. Fast, Easy, and Safe to use. If you want the best gun care solution, that is Fast and Easy to use and Safe on you and your firearm, then you need to use SQCG. Just a spray, and a wipe, and you are done. Clean, Lubed, and rust protected, use SQCG on anything you have that shoots anything. Super Quick Clean Guns an American made solution to solve an age old problem, and so much more.

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