Flat Top Detachable Carrying Handle

This quick detachable carry handle scope stands out in terms of quality and price. The carry handle is both sturdy and functional. It comes equipped with an adjustable Rear Sight which has both large and small rear Aperture. It mounts to any flat top rail equipped rifle. Also includes, a quick detachable Carry Handle top, allowing installation of aiming device without removing the Carry Handle Material.


Materials include Alloy Metal, extra Strong Shock Absorption ability
Weaver Base: 20mm.
Package includes 1 x Detachable Carry Handle 1x Carry Handle Rail Mount.
Length: 178MM

Detachable Carry Handle, rear sight W/ See through 20mm Rail Mount Base Combo Hunting Rifle M4 M16 AR15 If you shoot with iron sights, one of the main purpose of the rear is to elevate the rear sight. Price shopping? Have a look of these 2. This is probably the cheapest that you’ll find on the internet, get it now! Go ahead click on the button below.