Safe(R) Way to Show Off Guns

Secure Display’s new InvictaSafe is a great option for exhibiting and storing Handguns; Product Line for Long Guns on the way too.

Launching at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is the new InvictaSafe from Secure Display. Conceived by Sam Galler, the new safe is an industry game-changer, allowing gun owners to not only protect their firearm but also put it on display. We spoke with Galler to learn more.
American Shooting Journal Tell us about the new InvictaSafe. How did you come up with the idea?
Sam Galler I own some beautiful firearms that I keep in a traditional firearm safe to keep them from unauthorized access and my teen children. I believe in safety to prevent tragedies and also believe in the Second Amendment and the right to protect my family and country.
The only time I take my firearms out is to go to the range, clean or show them to a friend every now and then. I was thinking, why hide these beautiful firearms that have so much historical significance and meaning to me?
I think they look cool. Why not display these firearms like a work of art, safely? I did not see anything like it in the marketplace and thought I would build one, and I actually liked it better than the artwork on my walls. It is really beautiful, cool and safe.
Rather than hiding your handguns in a vault, you can securely display them with the InvictaSafe, which features a “box within a box” to safely store your exhibited firearm.
ASJ What sets it apart from other safes on the market?
SG Traditional firearm safes have been in existence for over a hundred years in one form or another. They do provide functional advantages; keeping your firearm secured and protected against unauthorized access and theft. The manufacturers of traditional firearm Secure Display’s new InvictaSafe is a great option for exhibiting and storing handguns; product line for long guns on the way too.
safes have tried to make them look better with painting on the front, sleek designs, gizmos, etc., but at the end of the day, they still are just metal black boxes that hide your firearms.
InvictaSafe is almost entirely different. It showcases your firearm like a work of art with see-through ballistic glass and an art frame, LED lights, beautiful background and rare earth magnets that make it look like your firearm is floating. Most importantly, it provides the benefit of a traditional firearm safe, while unlike any other safe on the market, displaying your firearm proudly with quick access in case you need it.
Personally, my firearm safe is in the basement, so not really convenient for quick access.
ASJ What materials is the safe made of?
SG We use 12-gauge steel in the front, 14-gauge steel on the back, and 16-gauge steel for the box within the box, which provides for added structural integrity and places to store ammunition, electronics, alarm modules, etc. This is combined with ballistic glass, LED lighting, and attractive background material to provide a safe that is built to last a lifetime and beautifully protect.
ASJ What do you think shooters will like best about the InvictaSafe?
SG If you own a beautiful firearm, why hide it? Securely display it!
Some people own firearms they are emotionally attached to because it was given to them by someone special, or they think it looks really cool, or it has historical significance. Regardless, shooters will desire InvictaSafe because instead of their firearms being hidden away in a dark traditional firearms safe, they can view it constantly in their bedrooms, offices, dens, man-caves, etc., and they have relatively quick access in case of emergency. Most importantly, it will be safe to have around children, family, coworkers, etc.

ASJ The safe is designed for a pistol. Are there plans for other types of firearms? SG Yes, we are launching our long weapons safes designed for rifles, shotguns, etc., within the next three to four months. Keep tuned in on this! We are excited!
ASJ The InvictaSafe will launch at the NRA Show. What else should readers know about your company and products?
SG All of our patent-pending products are made in the USA. We are a family-run business that seeks to protect children and families with high- and low-tech solutions. We believe many Americans will enjoy looking at their prized firearms “safely.”
Editor’s note: Visit Sam Galler and the new InvictaSafe at booth #4824 at the NRA Show.