Editor’s Note: May 2015

PHOTO 4 Tennille Gibson Chidester
Tennille Gibson Chidester competing at the 3-Gun, MGM Ironman competition in Parma, Idaho.

As we start settling in with our new name and nationwide distribution, I am looking ahead at the focus of American Shooting Journal magazine and our goals. My passion comes from the people: the protectors, the competitors, the hunters, the personal-safety conscious and, most of all, anyone who is dedicated to the industry; who they are and what drives their interests. What you may not realize is most of our stories come from you, our readers. You are our eyes and ears (no pun intended) for our next great story, so get out there and find them so we can share with our fellow Americans.

TELL US, Who is the guy who works on the floor of the gun-manufacturing plant and has been there for 45 years? Who is the top-gunner in the latest competition? That special cop everyone should have on their beat? The historical figure who made changes that affected an entire industry? Who are these people?

Other topics that we love include training and tactical advice, gun and gear reviews and historical highlights.

This issue is full of wide-ranging topics, including the crazy MGM Ironman shooting competition in Idaho; the godfather of firearms training, Jeff Cooper and what he means to our daily lives; hunting the ever-present but equally elusive turkey; and even how to cook a savory bear-meat tortiere based on our new Women and Guns columnist’s great-grandmother’s recipe. We love the variety, and while it is hard to provide something for everyone, it’s certainly worth a shot (no pun intended).

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