Dave Workman gets to the bottom of the ATF raid of Ares Armor

arsarmrIt looks like the ATF is claiming that Ares Armor had fully assembled AR-15s, which are generally banned in California. Ares Armor is a company that puts together “80-percent” polymer receiver blanks, which still need additional machining before they can house the fire controls of an AR-15 rifle. Once that has been added, they are considered a firearm.

The ATF claims that the polymer receiver blanks, which Ares Armor bought from EP Armory, were fully firearms. Workman writes, “They reportedly believe EP Armory constructed the polymer receivers and then filled in, with different colored material, those places that require machining.”

Stay tuned, we are following this closely. Ares Armor has always struck us as an upstanding company. This is just one more reason why California’s draconian gun laws need some reigning in.

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