Daniel Defense Custom Build Your M4

Daniel Defense has a very cool tool on their website. The website lets you build a custom M4. There are many ecommerce sites that sells electronic products that you can build out a product to how you want it. This is the first time I’ve run across a gun site with a tool that helps you build a full rifle or just the upper.

If you’re not familiar with the DDM4 program offer on DanielDefense.com/build-your-ddm4/, here’s a quick walk through that we went through to build the upper receiver.
1. Click to build the upper receiver.
2. Click to select the “gas system length”, here I chosed the 16″ carbine.
3. Next select the round size, we chosed the 300 Blackout.
4. Select barrel, there are other types available.
5. Next up select the suppressor, we chose the “Extended-Muzzle Climb Mitigator”.
6. Standard bolt carrier group was next, click select and continue.
7. Hand Rail
8. Front/Rear Sight
9. Vertical ForeGrip allows for ease of maneuvering the rifle.
10. Here’s the completed assembly of your M4.

From here you can complete your order or review the parts or if you choose to change something, you can click to go back to make the changes.

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