CONFIRMED: Gun Confiscation Has Begun In Connecticut

gncnfsctnThanks to my friend John Hawkins of Right Wing News for keeping us up on what’s happening in Connecticut. This is extremely disturbing that the government is now confiscating guns from gun owners. It appears that if the state government knows a gun owner owns one of the newly banned so-called “assault weapons,” such as if the gun owner applied to register it at one time, then the state is contacting the gun owner to confiscate the weapon.

Hawkins writes,

After a letter turned up that had supposedly been sent to gun owners in Connecticut demanding that they turn in or get rid of their weapons, the state officials denied that they had sent it out. Quite notably, they didn’t deny that a letter was ready to be sent out or that the letter that had been made public was real. Well, now the denials have ended and they’re admitting that the confiscation has begun.

Click here to read the letter being sent to gun owners, and the rest of the article.

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