Bow Hunter gets Bobcat

Then it tries to attack him!
If you’re into hunting and like the stalking, getting closer to your game, why not try bowhunting.
Bowhunting is about getting close as possible.
Youtube hunter Tim Wells finds himself in another adventure.
On a particular hunt he finds a bobcat track, and follows it through the thick brush. While he’s using the electronic caller he realizes the bobcat is getting closer because scavenging birds were moving in.

Being in thick brush is a double edge sword, though the predator can’t see you, you can’t see them either until its extremely close.
With great hunting reflexes after sighting the bobcat, he releases the arrow and connects with a good hit. But things gets even hairier when the bobcat is hit.
As its flopping, jumping and trying to break free from the arrow.
The jumping leads it towards Tim and almost ends up in his lap.
Natural instincts, the bobcat takes a swipe at Tim with his paw but misses. As the bobcat lands it takes off in a different direction. I’m sure Tim was relieved that he didn’t get injured.

All in a day’s adventure of a hunter.


Sources: Tim Wells Youtube