Best Knife for Self-Defense

We have all heard of never bring a knife to a gunfight. True, but depending on the situation knives do have the advantage over guns in short range fights. Knives do have their disadvantages as well, nothing is perfect.
Having a knife as a backup to your pistol should be a part of your every day carry. Sometimes, getting to your pistol isn’t always that easy when you’re caught in close quarter and have to do some hand-to-hand and getting the knife out was easier.

If you decide to carry a knife with the intent of using it to defend yourself or your family then be prepared for the harsh reality of a knife fight.
Here are some things to consider when getting a self defense EDC knife. You want to weigh these factors: concealable, ease of use, and legality.

Concealable/Easy Access
The school of thought is if you want the knife concealed then position it out of sight out of mind. What we get is people clipping their folded knife to their pockets for the world to see.
The other thing is common sense, hiding a three inch folding knife is easier than a full size 6 inch blade Kabar. There are some sentiments that people say you should hide the knife until the exact moment you strike them with it. Thats up to you.

Ease of Use & Carry Position
This covers a cross between having a knife in your pocket or clipped inside at the appendix or anywhere on the pants or garment. So which position is the best for you to access?
Think of economy of motion, how many layers of clothing will you need to peel in order to get your knife out. We’re not going to go deep into this, because its all about choosing a position to store that knife. Then, run it through some hand-to-hand drills and see if you can get to your knife quickly. Thats going to be your answer. We can go on and on why the appendix is the best to go with. But, what if you attire is a 3 piece suit and its what you wear at your corporate job.

The other part to this section is the ease of use of the knife once drawn. You don’t want to have a butterfly knife and do the flashy opens. The grip on the knife has to be sturdy and not slippery. Some people are keen on the weight of the knife as well.
There are two types of knife that you can carry for your EDC. You can choose a folding knife or a fixed blade.
Folding knives are easier to conceal, but fixed blade knives are easier to use. Fixed blade knives tend to be stronger, but that has nothing to do in a knife fight.

You might want to familiarize yourself with the laws of your state. Some places frown upon folding pocket knives, but will allow a small size (3 inch) fixed blade.
There are many good knives out on the market. Are you looking to slice and dice or just power stabs? Whatever your filet is have a look at these knives, we’ve broken it down to folding knives and fixed blade, this is not the complete list.

Best Folding Knives
Folding knives win out in the concealability department, though it may take an extra moment to unfold them.
This is because the blade hides within the handle.
Because they have to pivot (most of the time), folding blades are technically weaker than fixed blade knives.
But you won’t be batoning wood with these blades, you’ll be defending yourself, so that’s not important.

  • Benchmade Bedlam

    The big black blade really sings with just a flick of a thumb stud and it locks in place with authority. The ambidextrous thumb studs are big and easy to get at. There are phosphor bronze washers in this knife, so you can expect a nice smooth deployment every single time.
  • Spyderco P’Kal

    Spyderco claims that the name P’Kal comes from the word “pikal,” spoken in the Philippines. It means “to rip,” and that’s exactly what this knife is meant for. The P’Kal’s edge is along the inside of the curve. This gives it great power for pulling cuts.
  • Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge

    It’s a dagger with a blade that curves back and forth, most often used in southern Asia. smaller, and less expensive, version of the Spyderco Civilian. A curved edge slices better than a straight one, and a kris doesn’t just have curves, it has waves.
  • Fox 479 Black G10 Folding Karambit – Emerson Wave

    This tool has been field tested in the most extreme climates by some truly hardcore people, and has proven itself time and time again to be of the highest quality. Whether you need a utility knife to open boxes and clamshell packaging or a reliable self-defense tool to open a can of whoop ass.

Best Fixed Blade Knives
Fixed blade knives are harder to conceal than folding blades, but are easier to use and are stronger. There’s no fiddling about to unfold the blade, just unsheathe and go. They may also be longer than their folding cousins, though this is not always the case.

  • ShivWorks Clinch Pick Knife

    ShivWorks has a product called “Clinch Pick” specifically design for using the knife for self protection. The device is extremely practical and lethal which comes in a small and concealable sheath. This blade with its easy access design may be the best backup to your pistol if its not accessible while in a scuffle.
  • Ka-Bar TDI LE

    It doesn’t have the same length as other fighting knives, but that’s not the point. The point of this knife is that when your enemy thinks he has you at his mercy, disarmed and on the ground, the TDI is safely hidden on your person. A sharp surprise that can win the fight.
  • First Edge/Raptor 4050 HR-1

    Was design for law enforcement and military which the self-defense communities embraced as well. The HR-1 is equipped with either a Traditional (Non-reversible) or a Fully-Reversible Kydex Sheath. Both are ideal for IWB, Pocket or MOLLE carry. The sheath also has 2 lanyard holes for neck carry. The Elmax steel is no joke, you can chop thru rebar. The straight edge tanto design with a finger a loop at the other end can make it a hard impact weapon as well. MSRP $129.99
  • ESEE Izula-II

    the Izula-II (or Izula 2) by ESEE is a lightweight carbon steel knife.
    It’s intended for survival or combat situations.
    There’s a large lanyard hole and the knife comes with a sheath, which itself has a reversible belt clip.
  • Gerber Ghoststrike

    You can hide this knife anywhere then strike when you need to.
    The sheath can clip onto your belt, or it can attach to the included neoprene wrap to hide on your ankle.
    Also, unlike some knives on this list, you can rotate the sheath for horizontal carry.
  • Cold Steel Defender Push Dagger

    Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980. This dagger is by far the easiest to use if you’re not a trained knife fighter. The motion used is similar to punching, which utilizes gross motor skills not the fancy Filipino slice combo angle 1 and 2.

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Last Cut
Any of these knives will serve you well as a self-defense knife.
Choosing one doesn’t have to be an obstacle to negotiate.
If money is not a problem and the laws in your state does not prohibit then carry a medium to higher end knife. Get a knife that can pack lots of punch and deploys as quick as a gunshot.
So if you’re on a budget or just plain cheap. There are some well reasonably priced along with good quality like the Ghost Strike. The choice is yours to play with.