Beast Mode Gun – Kord Heavy Machine Gun

The KORD Heavy Machine Gun was never designed to be fired from the hip, but the soldier in this video demonstrates who the boss is.
The KORD Heavy Machine Gun is a Russian weapon, and it went into service in 1998. The term heavy machine gun is well-earned by this gun. The lightest model weighs in at a hefty 56 pounds, but not bad compared to the U.S. M2 50 Cal weighing in at 83 pounds.

The manufacturers of the KORD Heavy Machine Gun designed it to be mounted on a vehicle, used for ground support, and deployed for anti-aircraft purposes.

The KORD is capable of firing the 12.7 x 108 mm round from a bipod and is light enough for one soldier to move it around the battlefield. However, transporting a gun and firing it from the hip are two entirely different things.

The soldier in this video looks to have stepped straight out of a video game with the massive KORD Heavy Machine Gun strapped to his hip. The smoke filled battlefield only increases the cool factor of this video.

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