.40 Caliber LEGO Glock

This picture of the day LEGO .40 caliber Glock has been floating around the internet so we’re going to take a shot at it.

Grabbed some .40 S&W brass and some spare LEGO heads. Perfect fit into the casing. Even fits the Glock22 and Glock35 magazines. Just to see if it would eject, released the slide and the Lego cartridge chambered without any deformation of the Lego head.

Sometime in the future may try loading these and load a primer to see if it will propel the LEGO head out the barrel. The LEGO head is too wide to drop free down the barrel. Perhaps it might work? I will have to revisit this when I can get some .40cal brass loaded to try it out.

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Any LEGO fans out there, have you tried this?

Sources: Solscud007 Instagram, TFB

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