3D In-Depth Handgun Drill

sage dynamics
Sage Dynamics offers reality-based training for law enforcement, military and private citizens. SD provides numerous drills to enhance your shooting skill. In this take we’ll cover the “In-Depth-Drill”.

This drill places a shooter at close contact with an armed threat directly to the front and a second armed threat to their flank with an innocent as a body shield.

The drill reinforces scanning, off-line movement, fire discipline and precision marksmanship under stress.

Basically, what happens is on the mark of go or a whistle. The shooter standing in front of the first threat within 3 feet will draw and fire the 4 rounds (Failure Drill) at the first threat.

Move off-line scan left to the next threat with the “innocent as a body shield”. Shoot 2 rounds at the bad guy to the head. (approx 10 yds)

Upon completion of firing, scan the area.

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