Zipline Target Shooting is up and Beyond

Are you bored of doing your shooting practice at an old range?, need a shot of adrenaline?
Well, why not shoot from a zipline?
In a video FourGuysGuns posted on Facebook, we see a different way to approach competition shooting. But for those familiar with the MGM Ironman competition, its part of the norm. These competitors don’t just do the ziplining, they get to climb up an obstacle just to shoot at another target from a far.

Strange as it may seem, a zipline allows shooters to fly along and engage targets. This shooter fires at targets as he zips along like superman. How cool is that? Would you try it?

Yes, we know it may not be a practical thing to do for upping your personal defense repertoire. But, for a change of pace, it definitely sure looks fun doing.
Will zip lining be added to your list of things to do?

Sources: FourGuys FB, MGM Ironman, Eric Nestor