Women and Guns Data Pt 2

More findings in this segment on Women & Guns from NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) data.

The first Women & Guns Data segment dealt with the raw demographic data on women and guns. Now let’s look at the specific types of guns women purchase or own. Then we’ll look to see if manufacturers are providing women with the guns that they want or rather what they think women want.

According to NSSF data 56 percent of women owns semiauto handguns, which makes it the most popular for women. Coming in second place is the shotgun at 49.5 percent.

Another interesting tidbit if a women owns only one firearm, more than likely they own a Shotgun (37.7%) with a semiauto pistol close behind.

AR-15’s owner are only a fifth of this demograph but three quarters of women are in the group that only owns a single gun.

Revolvers?, only 36 percent actually own one.


Pink and Leopards print guns are popular in the market place, the idea behind this was to cater to the women with guns and accessories. So NSSF polled women on this subject with many factors involved.

NSSF discovered that 93 percent of women wanted to buy a firearm for their own particular use. Within these factors, 92 percent women also stated that they chose a specific firearm (product brand) due to the size and how it fit their body and hand.

Price and value of the firearm were at 74 percent as the “best value” determined to purchase.

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What about the Pink colored Fashion Looking Guns/Accessories? It’s unknown of how much the marketplace made money on cashing in on this trend, but NSSF found only 19 percent women in this category. Within this category, women in the Northeast were more interested in pink guns than women in the older age group.

Finally, a factor that simply surprises everyone is that 25 percent of women chose a firearm because of its “military look and feel“, Go figure.

So if you’re in firearm manufacturing market, you might think twice about trying to push those Pink, Leopard print guns to women.

Source: National Shooting Sports Foundation & G&A

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