Women and Guns – Is There an Increase?

There’s been many information on the increase of women owning guns. But how true is that? We do know that there is a gap in between gender on gun law issues showing supports.

According to Wall Street Journal poll shows:

  •  65% of Women Favoring Stronger Gun Laws
  • 44% Men Favoring Stronger Gun Laws

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Historically this is consistent with previous polling from Quinnipiac University poll showed 61% of women and 45% of men favoring stricter gun laws.

Pew Center survey shows gun ownership among women has increased over the previous decades, but men are still 3 times more likely to own guns than women.

Opinions on the effectiveness of gun laws vary greatly –

  • 66% of Gun-Free Homes say stricter laws would reduce mass-shooting casualties
  • 35% Gun Owning households agree

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Getting back to women owning guns, Gallup news sources highlighting Personal Gun Ownership by subgroup discovers only “14% of women” between the ages of 18-49 have gun ownership in 2005. Moving up to 2011 more women are owning guns, this number has increased to 23%.
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Here are some other neat information of women owning guns, courtesy of guns.com


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