Will this AR15 Pass the Mud Test?

[su_heading size=”30″]Wait till you see how this AR15 stands up against this brutal mud test. [/su_heading]

[su_dropcap style=”light” size=”5″]T[/su_dropcap]he AR15 is known for being a top player in modern wartime scenarios. But what happens when it’s put to one of the harshest firing tests there is? I must warn you not to try this at home.

Watch the video below to see how this rifle stands up to this challenge.

ar15_mud_testIf that isn’t surprising, then I don’t know what is. The AR15 went 5 for 5 right after having mud poured over every inch of its mechanical parts. During the second round of testing, it even had mud poured directly onto it with the dust cover open.

The key to this rifle’s success is centered on the way it was designed. Since all if its moving parts are designed to essentially seal off entry, the construction is enough to prevent mud from entering parts of the gun that would cause it to misfire.

When it comes to passing the mud test with flying colors, this is as good as it gets.

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription: [/su_heading]

[Host]: Hey guys, welcome to another episode of InRange. In the continuing saga of Mud Testing, We have an AR-15, US GI aluminum magazine with a green fallower- you can’t see that but it’s a standard US GI aluminum magazine. This is a BCM upper, it happens to have a quad rail on it, but it’s a quality BCM upper. A Spikes tactical Bolt Carrier group and a G-wax lower with a US GI trigger troup.

So we’re gonna start clean –well, as clean as we can be– Nothing in the gun, and fire a couple rounds to prove that it works, and then we’re gonna move on to the mud.

[Off-camera]: You know, nobody thinks an AR-15 can [indistinguishable]

[Host]: I’ve-I’ve heard that rumor! Alright, so! Five rounds, ready?

[Five shots]

[Host]: On safe! I’m gonna close the dust cover for the initial test. Now I wanna mention something: There’s no rear sight here, I know there’s no rear sight, before you call us an idiot, we’re not shooting at a target, this is a mud test. Not an accuracy test. We ready?

[Off-camera]: Yep!

[Host]: Got it?

[Off-camera]: Here goes!

[Host]: Into the mud! That’s pretty good!

[Off-camera]: That’s pretty nasty. Let’s get some on the other side. That’s the side that matters.

[Host]: It is. You ready?

[Off-camera]:Yep! Oh yeah! Pile it on! Little more. There we go!

[Host]: It’s pretty soupy!

[Off-camera]: That is very soupy!

[Host]: I can see stuff going into the trigger control area.

[Off-camera]: That’s not good.

[Host]: Alright. Here we go!

[Off-camera]: Alright. Hold on…

[Host]: Tell me when!

[Off-camera]: Go ahead.


[Host]: Five rounds! Flawless! Alright! Dust cover’s open! I’m not even gonna bother with that side, we’re gonna put it in this way and we’re gonna mud it. Ready?

[Off-camera]: Do it again! Actually, hold on. Before we go any farther, let’s just point out real quick, this thing just passed, in a test that several people have told us is ‘so insanely pointless, as to be meaningless’ because ‘nothing could conceivably pass it’.

[Host]: This just passed the test that everyone said the AK would. The AK failed, sort of, got a C-, B+, whatever. This just passed, five rounds clean. Five rounds literally submerged in goo.

[Off-camera]: Alright, I think we know why that is, why don’t you go ahead and mud this side, and we’ll see if it keeps working before we explain it.

[Host]: Alright, so we’ve got no dust cover, the dust cover IS open, I hope that’s clear on the footage.

[Off-camera]: Yep! I can see it. Oh god, now I can’t see it.

[Host]: Literally piled it straight into the hole.

[Off-camera]: Alright!

[Host]: You guys see that? I can’t see it! Let me get the ROCKS out of the gun. Alright, there we go! Ready?

[Off-camera]: Yep!

[Host]: Five rounds!

[five shots]

Let me keep going!

[Five more shots, then a click]

Oh my!

[Off-camera]: Out of ammo.

[Host]: We didn’t lock open, but the gun functioned! Not one malfunction. Submerged in mud, dust cover closed, dust cover open, this gun summarily –handily!– beat the AK-47 in the mud test.

[Off-camera]: Shocking!

[Host]: Not shocking at all. The reason for this is that this gun is closed from the elements. Even with the dust cover open, the tolerances around the bolt carrier group are tight enough that generally speaking, debris and filth cannot get in there unless it is completely locked back and open. If you were to have it open like this and pour mud into it, it’d be over. But when it’s closed? This gun is sealed. Unlike an AK in which these tolerances are more open and therefore “more reliable”, that’s actually kind of a load of crap, the tolerances being tighter on this gun meant that it functioned more reliably, not less.

[Off-camera]: The misconception that people have, is they think that having open space inside the gun will allow it to work dirt and mud out of the way. That -might- have some legitimacy, in when you’re not talking about very much gunk being in there.

[Host]: Yep.

[Off-camera]: When you’ve got this much mud, once it gets in, it’s all over.

[Host]: The real answer is to keep the gun sealed- when it’s in combat-ready condition- sealed away from the ingress of debris and filth. And hte AR-15 does an excellent job of that, as we just saw. How many rounds? Twenty rounds, no malfunctions, literally submerged in mud.

[Off-camera]: Fantastic.

[Host]: So that being said, we’re done with that. Thank you for watching another episode of InRange. If you like this kind of content, please consider supporting us on Patreon, which provides us the funds to be able to do this. If you can’t, we understand, that’s no problem, we appreciate you watching. Just share the video, and join us in stabbing some sacred cows, because this myth has been going on way too long.

by Jesse Males

Source: InRangeTV Youtube

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