Watch this Incredible Coyote shot with a 9mm Tracer

When this coyote came into the call, he was expecting an easy meal. Instead he got a 9mm tracer to the head.

After missing an easy shot at a standing coyote, these hunters are able to capitalize on a second opportunity.

The 9mm tracer ammunition makes this coyote kill shot one of the coolest you’ll ever see.

Tim Wells is at it again in this awesome video, only this time he’s behind the camera instead of the bow. Tim has a long history of making amazing archery shots, but a 9mm tracer to a coyote’s head is pretty cool too.

If you’re bummed out because all your local hunting seasons are closed, re-check your regulations book. In many states there is no closed season on coyotes. If you go coyote hunting, make sure you stay alert since multiple coyotes sometimes come to the call.

Sources: Tim Wells Bow Hunter, Micah Sargent

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